Position about Department reglamentary his daily work and determines the order of evaluation, control and acceptance of its results, as well as the liability of the members of this unit. The basis for the provisions Department is the standard document regulating the work of these services in this particular industry. As a rule, developed the position of head of structural unit or group of specialists, coordinated with the accounting Department, lawyers and personnel officers, and approved by the Director.
Position about Department make in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003. Cover page use a form of your company, which should be reflected not only the full name of your organization, and, if available, the name of a superior. Write on it the name of the structural unit, registration number, vultures and approval, the document header.
Consider the main sections that should be reflected in the structure of this document. Usually, it includes General provisions, lists the tasks and functions of the division, the rights and obligations of employees. Complete the text follows the final General provisions.
In General terms reflect the status of the division, its subordination, and in the General structure of the enterprise. It should be spelled out the procedure for the appointment and removal of a Director, his replacement at the time of illness and holidays. Here list the procedure for admission and dismissal of employees.
List the content of the tasks facing the Department, formulate the main directions of its activity. In the functions section describe in detail the activities of the Department, areas of responsibility and degree of autonomy of the departments in management decisions.
Make a list of rights and obligations which you must have the members of this unit in order to solve the indicated tasks.
The individual points define the order of actions of the head of the Department and its employees. List those positions for which responsible is the head, and those where the responsibility is collective. It should be differentiated depending on their positions and, respectively, from the job. Define the qualification requirements for the positions of Manager and other posts in accordance with the staffing.
In conclusion, we reflect the order of interaction of the Department with other structural divisions of your company and conditions to ensure its activity, the presence and number of computers, office equipment, phones, etc.