Install the indoor antenna in the vicinity of the TV (or directly on the package). It is desirable to place the antenna near a window or balcony. This is especially important in the case if the Windows are to the side of the tower repeater.
Moving the antenna around the room, find the optimal location in which the TV produces the best picture. Move the antenna slowly, watching the change in the quality of the images both horizontally and up and down. Make a note of which point in the room and the position of the antenna picture quality was the best. Gradually extend "whiskers" antenna (telescopic vibrators MV) on the length by which "meter" channels get a good image. In some cases, the length of the "whiskers" can be different. Pick the optimum angle of divergence between "mustache", while achieving better image quality.
Move the entire body of the antenna to tune channels UHF - band in the horizontal plane until, until you see a good image on the TV screen. If the room antenna has a gain knob, choose a position in which the image quality is the best. Change the antenna position in space when moving from one channel to another, if necessary to further customize the image quality and adjust the position of the "moustaches", their output and the angle between them. If necessary, use the adjustment of gain control. Of course, it is not very convenient, but it will have to accept. Don't forget to active antenna plugs into the mains power supply. His body will light the led.