Select the TV antenna. For this you need to find out what channels are broadcast in your community and what are the ranges of broadcasting. The last parameter is presented in three variants: the first meter, second meter and decimeter. The best choice is the TV antenna which receives signals in all three bands. Specify this option from the seller or read the manuals to the device.
Get select model antenna of television in a special store or on the radio. Here buy the cable to reduce the necessary length and plug for connection to the TV.
Determine the place where you will install the TV antenna. As a rule, it is placed on the roof. Secure to the selected location of the mount bracket. If the house iron roof, then put under design the appropriate size of the rubber, which can be nailed or screwed with screws.
Open the preamplifier TV signal on the TV antenna. Strip the outer insulation of the cable. Insert the wire into the hole and clamp with a screwdriver the Central contacts. While shielding film should be placed under the clamp. Hold it, make sure that the braid is not in contact with the contacts of the Central conductor. Attach to a support mast of the TV antenna.
Install the support mast in a vertical position. The TV antenna needs to be aimed in the direction of the nearest television station. With wire or duct tape fasten it to the cable to reduce that pull on the attic of the house through a specially made hole which is sealed with sealant.
Route the cable toward the window and make the wall of the small hole of the appropriate size. Insert the end of the cable into the house and drive to the location of the TV.
Strip reduces cable and connect to the plug. Then connect it to the TV. Configure the channels and enjoy watching.