You will need
  • - satellite dish.
To install and configure Chinese antenna, try the following methods. First, you can make a special stand for her G-shape, secure it to the wall and have it attach to the antenna. This provides greater reliability, stability and easy setting. But there are also disadvantages: the fabrication of the stand is quite a time-consuming process. Also you can attach the antenna directly to the wall using the ring stand and clamps.
Assemble antennas, install it on a horizontal platform and tune in to the satellite, achieve maximum quality. Here it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the Converter, as on the wall to get to it easy. On the wall of the drill hole puncher with a diameter of 12 mm, depth 70.
Drill in the center of the mount. Hammer in the plastic hole plug and insert a screw (10 to 140 mm). Connect to the Converter a piece of cable and raise the antenna to the desired location before put on the Central screw rail. Press it to the wall plate and put screw in Central hole. Then tighten it to the wall of the nut.
Set the angle and the direction to the satellite on the eyes, with the lowering and lifting of the reflector plate turns on the axis of the screw. Change the direction by adjusting the length of the strut Assembly. There may be useful information from the preliminary setting up of the antenna, as if you know the exact direction to the satellite, it is easier to find, being on the wall.
Then drill the holes in the wall, then secure the antenna with the standard kit on the concrete. In the case of mounting the antenna on cinder block or brick fasteners get longer, as the native may be short. If you constantly have to install the antenna, remove the plate with screws after the mounting ring fasteners - they can be useful in the future.