You will need
  • - the antenna amplifier and power supply therefor;
  • - antenna splitter;
  • - the antenna cable of 75 Ohms;
  • - ohmmeter;
  • solder and soldering;
  • - materials for sealing the hole in the wall.
  • - antenna connectors;
  • antennas of various designs.
If your house is equipped with collective device receive radio waves, do not use an indoor antenna. Move the signal from the communal antenna to your television receivers with the help of CRAB splitter (splitter cable subscriber household).
If you cannot use collective antenna, verify the frequency ranges of the indoor antenna and the TV channels that she intended to take. Don't try to get a good picture of an UHF channel with the antenna of the reception of the metric wave and Vice versa.
Pick up experienced by the working length of the telescoping antenna. Remember that for high frequency channels it is not necessary to nominate all the tribes of this device receive radio waves. To degrade the reception of a television signal capable of both insufficient and excessive length of the antenna.
To connect the antenna to the TV, use only extension cords. Find the room position providing the best signal reception. If using an indoor antenna cannot get a clear TV picture, use an outdoor.
Install it on the wall in front of the TV, Secure the unit and place the cable into the room from rain. In a private house, secure the external antenna on the roof, but only if your home is located in the area of the lightning rod.
If you live in a fringe area of TV signal, get an antenna with amplifier. To secure the card to the two supplied screws and connect it to the coaxial cable. On the opposite side connect the special male plug that supplies the supply voltage for the amplifier and locked it into the TV. Plug and power supply included in the scope of supply of the amplifier.