You will need
  • - the antenna amplifier and power supply therefor;
  • - antenna splitter;
  • - the antenna cable of 75 Ohms;
  • - ohmmeter;
  • solder and soldering;
  • - materials for sealing the hole in the wall.
  • - antenna connectors;
  • antennas of various designs.
Do not resort to using an indoor antenna, if your house is equipped with collective. Install special * branching device (CRAB - cable splitter subscriber household) and use it to move the signal from the collective antenna to that of existing TVs, which was operated with indoor antennas.
If you cannot use collective antenna check whether the frequency range of the indoor antenna to the frequencies of the channels you watch. For example, if you prefer UHF channels, there is no point in trying to make them with good quality using meter antenna, and Vice versa. Telescopic antenna allows you not only to change the position of the knees, but also to adjust their length, and we should not think that they always need to push completely. The higher the channel frequency, the less length they should be nominated. Excessive length may impair reception as well as insufficient, and to pick up her best empirically.
Connect the indoor antenna to the TV, not directly, but via special extension cable for antenna. This will allow you to move it around the room. Find the position which provides the best reception. Sometimes it is useful to place near the antenna of the VCR tuner and the TV to connect a long subwoofer cable. This will allow to rebuild from interference if their source (e.g. computer) located in the vicinity of TV.
If you move the indoor antenna to improve reception failed, use outer. Position it on the wall opposite the television station, protect from atmospheric draught, seal the cable entry into the room. In a private house the best place for the outdoor antenna to the roof. In any case, do not use the external antenna in case if your home is not in range of a lightning rod.
Being in a zone of uncertain reception of a signal the TV, use an antenna with amplifier. Buying a set of amplifier and a compatible antenna to secure the card to the two faceplate screws, and to the Board itself, connect the coaxial cable. On the opposite side connect to it instead of the usual plug special, designed to feed cable supply voltage for the amplifier and simultaneously prevent the voltage at the TV. This plug together with the power supply included in the scope of supply of the amplifier.