Use to connect antenna system to the receiver's standard input (so-called F connector). Some models of digital receivers have a high frequency output, allowing you to attach this antenna analog receiver.
When using a receiver with two inputs connect to each tract receiving two different antenna systems. This solution allows to increase the reliability of the system and to eliminate possible failures in the reception signal. The specified receiver usually includes the ability to record to the hard drive.
If you are using a hybrid model receiver (cable/satellite or terrestrial/satellite), connect the antenna system to separate receiving channels with their own inputs and outputs.
After connecting the antenna to the receiver one of the following methods set the basic settings using the software. First select from the list the desired value of the lo frequency, or enter a value manually.
Make sure that the memory of the receiver has built-in options of the channels. In this case, additional efforts to search for channels is not required. If the generated list of channels is not in the internal memory of the device, perform manual tuning by the technical documentation supplied with the device.
Setup connected to the receiver antenna. The accuracy of the settings indicate the specific indicators on the display, in the form of graphical objects. It can be bars of variable length or a traditional digital display. In some models the parameters of "Quality" signal" and "signal" are combined into one indicator.
In case of violations and failures in the reception of the signal again check the connection cables to the respective connectors and the contact reliability at the connection elements of the system. If necessary, correct the connection. Do not exert considerable physical effort during installation of the cable.