Determine the need to purchase an indoor antenna. To do this you can borrow, to test its compatibility with your TV, after which make the buying decision. The fact that indoor antennas work well in that case, if they provide direct visibility. This group includes apartment, located on the upper floors and cottages located near shopping center (the distance should be no more than 2 km).
See if your TV built-in indoor antenna. When it is found, it is sufficient to choose a telescopic seatpost, which provides high-quality reception of channels required.
Choosing independent indoor antenna, carefully read its specifications. They are best seen with an example. Model: ATN - 7.3 . The first two letters (al) say that the TV antenna. The third letter (N) indicates whether it is able to rebuild. N - neperestavaya. If instead it will be the letter P, so tunable. Figures (7.3) is the type and modification of the model. In this case, the antenna 7 of the first type and the 3rd modification.
Give preference to models that are needed in order to catch the right wave (VHF and UHF). Inform the consultant at the store and it will help you to choose the right antenna.