You will need
  • - ski poles;
  • plastic tube;
  • - the screws M3;
  • - nut;
  • - washers
  • - plastic clip;
  • - dowels;
  • - drill with drill bits;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • - wrench;
  • coaxial cable;
  • connector for your TV;
  • roulette;
  • - hacksaw;
  • accessories for soldering.
Take the metal ski poles – aluminum or titanium. Make vibrators for a future antenna. Vibrators should be two, they have the same length. Decide what channel you watch. Length of vibrator depends on it. For 1-3 channels, it is 1000-1100 mm, 4-6 – 750 mm, 7-9 – 360 mm, 10-12 – 310 mm. If the length of ski poles is not enough, crystite tube of several pieces, connecting them with a metal tube of larger diameter. Suitable, for example, tubes of old cots. You can seal the vibrators and otherwise putting them on metal rods. But be sure to provide reliable contact.
Connect the vibrators with each other with the insulating tube. As such the tube can be used, for example, a piece of gymnastic Hoop. Suit and white plumbing pipe (black is not suitable, because it contains graphite, and accordingly, is a poor insulator). You can take a wooden tube, made of well dried or boiled in paraffin wood. The distance between the ends of metal tubes should be 6-8 cm
Departing 2 cm from the connected tube ends of the tubes, drill in each of the through holes with a diameter of 3 mm. This antenna can be connected to the TV if it has inputs for two-wire line. As the cable in this case, you can use lighting electric wire, which antenna is secured with two through-bolts, passed through the drilled holes.
But usually on modern TVs used coax connector. To connect the homemade antenna, you will need a matching device. Take a piece of television cable, equal in length to one vibrator. Connect the Central conductor on both sides of the vibrator with the screws. You got the so-called U-bend.
One-shoulder U-knee cut in half lengthwise and strip the braid and the cable core. Similarly prepare the other end of the cable that goes to the TV connector. Solder together all three segments of the resulting braid of the cable. Spike tape. Solder together all three Central veins. A matching device is ready, the antenna can be connected.
The antenna should be oriented perpendicular to the direction of the television center. It can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall using plastic clips. If the polarization of the wave vertical, this antenna should be put too upright. It is easier for horizontal installation, this antenna looks bulky.