Of course, to get in touch is possible not only in writing but also by telephone or come in person. However, this is not the best solution. The person who will talk to you, maybe once and he will forget about you. The editors may be in a different city and to travel to meetings will be difficult. And if you do get there, it may well be that at this particular moment that you simply no deal. So better just write a good letter to the editor.
Write a letter to you in both electronic and traditional form. The first option is much more preferable because email is much faster, and track the sent email you will be much easier. To find the desired address you can on the Internet. If you plan to apply to the editors of any journal in the first place find using the search engine site of this publication. If you have Internet access you have at the moment, contacts of the editorial office can be found in the magazine. Usually they are printed on the second page or at the end of the publication.
Try to find a shared electronic address of the editorial office and contact the chief editor or Department receiving the manuscripts. Then proceed with the preparation of his letter. In the first lines of the report brief information about yourself: name, your experience as an author, the availability of publications, the genre in which you work. Try not to write long, complicated sentences, and avoid lyrical digressions with minor details.
Give a brief description of your work that you offer for consideration. If it is a large form (story, novel), attach a synopsis (summary of plot). To the letter attached file attach the actual manuscript. In the signature include your contact information so that you can be easily contacted by: E-mail, phone, real postal address. Include your full name and surname.
After sending the letter the same day or the next call to the office and find out if you have received your letter, and from whom it is pending. And check accepted in this edition of the terms. They can be from two weeks to several months. If the review period is long, about once a month, call the office and specify, as is the case with your work.