You will need
  • Paper, pen, envelope, stamp, phone, computer, email
The letter, written on paper, put it in a stamped envelope and send to the address: 420032, Kazan, Proletarskaya street, house 17. In the letter necessarily specify the name of the transfer and describe in detail your request, or ask a question. For answer specify all possible contacts, write not only the address and telephone number, and e-mail if you have one. This will increase your chances of a response to the editorial, as not all channels staff send out responses via email. With post offices conveniently send parcels with the audio or video content.
E-mails send a personal e-mail box. If your message is intended to the employee of a particular Department (accounting, Secretariat, etc.), don't forget to indicate this in the letter. E-mail program "City": The program should give you a reply within one week.
To call this program, enter the code of the city of Kazan (843), and then one of the following numbers: 511-99-99, 519-30-35, 519-30-37, 519-30-30. The one who will answer, what are the purpose of your call, it will forward your call to the appropriate Department.
In addition, you can leave a comment on the official website of the TV company "Efir" of Kazan city. Site address: Telekompaniya.RF/menu2/programmy/gorod/. In the comments box describe your situation or ask a question. In the text, specify the name of the program. Be prepared that this method is not confidential, your message will be posted publicly. Fill in digital code and send the message. The answer will be given by staff on the same page.