Advice 1: Where to send article

Aspiring authors often ask where to send the text of their article for a fee or just for their publication in open sources. Select the appropriate option depending on your preferences.
Where to send article
If you want your article was published in print publications – Newspapers, magazines, reference books, etc., you first need to know whether the desired source of information your website on the Internet. Find it. On the website of the information source find a special section which outlines the terms of cooperation with freelance writers. If there is none, write to the wording specified in the contacts email address and offer to review your article. If publishers are interested in it, you will answer.
Publish your article on one of the text exchanges, TextSale, ETXT, Copylancer, and others, putting it up for sale. Register, set the value of the articles and the conditions for its further use. Make sure that the hosted text is completely unique, by checking it with a program anti-plagiarism.
Post an article on his page in social networks. You can send it on my wall or section of document. Your friends and visitors will be able to read it and leave your comments.
Start blogging, which is a kind of diary in which to Express their thoughts. There are special services designed for this: Livejournal, "Yandex.Blogs", "Kakroo", etc. Some of these services even allow you to earn on viewings of your texts visitors.
Create your own website, dedicating it to the subject of your texts, or make a unique blog where you are free to speak on any subject. The placement of texts in a variety of ways, depending on the engine, which is built on the site.

Advice 2: How to send an article to the journal

If you know and love to write articles and notes, then sooner or later you will come up with the idea that this skill can help you to earn money. Today, many print and online publications invite to cooperation of authors, and you can also try their hand at journalism.
How to send an article to the journal
Before sending an article to the journal, you must understand what style and orientation of the article need this publication. Little invent, develop and interesting issue some thought, which will be the subject of the article. You need to explore this topic and to view all publications that have been printed lately. Than the original topic and the views presented in the article, the higher the probability that it will be printed.
Select a publisher that is interested in such topics. Contact the editor via email or phone listed in the output of publications. Find out whether this publishing of articles written at the initiative of the author, and whether they plan the publication of articles of a particular theme. Ask about the requirements for the design of texts, which may vary in different publishing houses.
With the agreement that your article is accepted, read the latest issue of the magazine or newspaper. Make yourself an idea of the complexity of the text, the signature style of the presentation and presentation materials. Imagine the target audience of the journal, gender, age, interests. Make sure that your article is suitable for this and publishers will be interested in it.
Precise in wording, with some of the editors you'd better cooperate. Contact him via e-mail and come up with the idea of the article, trying to attract him and interest. Mention about your experience as a copywriter, if present, refer to their publications. Tell us, what is the volume of the article and how soon you are ready to submit it to the editor. Write concisely and associated. The volume of the message should not be large, optimally – half of the page.
After sending the email, wait two to three weeks. This is enough time for the editor if he is interested, will call you or send you a reply by mail. If you received nothing, it makes sense to contact the editor by phone and to clarify whether received your letter. To better communicate with the editor which you wrote, it will help to establish personal contact.
In the case when the article is accepted for publication, specify the amount of the fee, by what date it will be issued. Consult the Union of Journalists on possibility of conclusion of the contract. If an article is rejected, you shouldn't be upset – try to contact other publishers and offer it there, even if I have to tweak the style and volume to fit their requirements. Action consistently and not agree on publishing the same articles with different publishers.
Useful advice
Following the letter you can send to a publisher the text of the article by registered mail. Don't forget to invest in a package, envelope with your address and stamps.

Advice 3: Where to send your poems

To achieve recognition as a poet must not only write a good poem, but also to demonstrate it to as many people. Due to the widespread proliferation of the Internet, it can be done quite simply.
Where to send your poems
For the author it is quite natural to show off your creations to others, and ideally to see them published in the newspaper or poetry collection. Fame, recognition, fame and fees is clear and correct explanation that should be followed to become a recognized poet. There are several ways to publish your poetry.
In the Internet there are many poetry sites, love to host poems by beginners. In order to be able to published here, you need to register it, which, in particular, will protect your work by copyright. Getting access to the page, you can publish the poem, read and comment on poems of other authors. In addition, for a fee, the website being temporarily placed on the main page a link to your poems.
The second option is to create your own website or blog (online diary) where you will have the opportunity to publish whatever we want. Please note that beginning readers will not be very much, but if your works are really good, soon the number of visitors to your page will increase.
As for paper publications, all in the same Internet regularly holds poetry contests on various topics. As a rule, the winners of these competitions get the opportunity to publish their poems in a poetry collection. Of course, you need to carefully read the terms of contests and participants, not to get caught by unscrupulous organizers.
Finally, one can find literary magazines or Newspapers sometimes accept poems by unknown authors to be published on the last pages. Basically, these editions are supported afloat at the expense of enthusiasts, so the fees and the royalties are better yet not to think, but at least your work will be seen by the readers. If works, according to experts, better send them in serious literary publishing.

Advice 4: Where to send the rest of the child on summer vacation

Today, there are a huge number of options for the organization of children's activities ranging from traditional holidays in the village with my grandmother and ending with trips abroad in language camps.
Where to send the rest of the child on summer vacation
Closer to the beginning of summer vacation, the parents start to think about how to organise a summer holiday to good use. Importantly, parents were calm, and the child is well.

Perfect summer vacation can be a trip to the grandmother in village. Of course, if the grandmother is there! Nature, fresh air, vegetables and fruits from the garden will do its good work. By the end of summer after such a holiday, the child will gain strength and improve their health.

Well, if you are planning your summer vacation. After all, you can take the whole family to the sea, where the child will be under supervision and will absorb the energy of the sea and the sun. However, not all parents are satisfied with this option − many people want themselves to relax without a constant voltage. Here it is purely individual.

Summer camp or resort?

Wonderful view of summer vacations for children is a trip to the camp. It's not just a vacation, but a real adventure. This summer will be filled with new friends, sports competitions and fun games. Besides the camp the child learns to be independent. This kind of school life where the child acquires the skills of adaptation to a new society, learning to communicate and accumulate some experience. If for any reason you are afraid to let go of the child far better to choose a camp closer to home to be able at any time to check on the child.

Another similar option is the summer home away from home is a nursing home. If you have health problems, this option will suit perfectly. The main thing – to choose the resort, where the child will be as comfortable as possible. A start is better to buy only after consultation with the pediatrician.

Holidays with learning

Want your child to not only rest, but also accumulated knowledge? In this case, send him to a language school abroad. Entertainment your child will not be exact, because all kinds of tours in another country will bring a lot of interesting experiences. In addition, the knowledge of a foreign language significantly replenished. Thus, the child learns more and a lot about the culture and traditions of a foreign country and you will find lots of new friends. Of course, not everyone can afford such a vacation, but if so – do not hesitate a single minute of the correct choice.

Wherever you sent the child on summer vacation, most importantly, that he liked it and brought not only benefits but also the good memories.
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