Carefully review the printed media market. You need to analyze which journals are most suitable for your composition topics. If you just want to become an author for a particular journal, read past issues to understand what topics you could offer there for publication.
Edit your text, depending on the style and theme of the magazine. If you wrote a work of fiction, it is desirable to reduce to a short story. In the end, if you are interested in the editor, in the future, you can count on the continued cooperation and the remainder of the text will also be published. Try to come up with an interesting name and make the start more exciting to from the first line to interest the editor.
Look in the log the address of the publisher, except there may be a telephone number of an employee, which deals with the selection of freelance writers and their works. Go to the website of the publication (if available), most likely there's a feedback form or section devoted to the collaboration with talented writers.
Call the number on the phone log or contact the editor via email to offer cooperation. If the office of publications is located in your city, be sure to try to present his work personally to the staff member responsible. In this case, it is your job you need to prepare in handwritten or printed and electronic form, i.e., write to disk, flash card or floppy disk.
Wait for the response to the editorial. If you long to meet periodically to remind about themselves, make phone calls, send emails. However, remember not to be too Intrusive. If your work would approve of, heed to the remarks of the editor, and ponder well all proposals for the adjustment of the text.