The main thing – do not rush

At the stage of writing the manuscript writer, you have to wonder, if the format of presentation for the selected publishers? If the belief that the way it is, is above doubt, then special attention should be paid to the literacy of the text, its logical construction.

The experts suggest to read a finished manuscript, not only immediately after, but after a month or more to be completely sure that you haven't made embarrassing mistakes. In addition, it will help slightly detached look at the plot and their own manner of presentation, re-evaluate them and to decide on concrete actions.

Proper execution

Send your manuscript to the publisher in two main ways: by mail and via the Internet. In fact, in another case, the text must be properly designed, otherwise editors it can delay, having considered only the first page.

To draw up the manuscript according to all standards, it is necessary that the text file can be opened in Microsoft Word 2003. Avoiding experiments that are unacceptable to editors, choosing the classic styles of Arial and Times New Roman. Their color should be black, and size 12 or 10 for notes, footnotes and page numbering. Margins on all sides text must be 3 cm, and line spacing is 1.5 cm.

The cover sheet will not be issued separately, unless specified by a specific publisher, you have the title and first Chapter are printed together. The room is on the first page is not marked, but in the top left corner, you specify information about the author:

A name and an alleged alias;
genre and title;
- the amount of text in author's sheets;
address of the writer and their contact information, including e-mail.

One author's sheet equals to 40 000 characters with spaces according to the statistics of Microsoft Word. To create the maximum convenience for reading and to avoid the loss sent in edition of a copy of the manuscript on every page, in the upper right corner is stamped page numbers, and in the upper left corner, the short author's name, title of the piece. If necessary, it can be reduced.

Gaining each next Chapter should move on to a new sheet and leave the top part blank for notes editor. If the manuscript should be sent in a printed form, you need to prepare a copy. Staple printed sheets is not necessary - so editors will be more convenient to work with. Arrange the manuscript in the mail as registered post with return receipt requested to the address of the publisher. This will help you to ensure that the product has reached version and now waiting for review.

Sending the manuscript: plan of action

1. To write and properly execute the manuscript.

2. To read work for errors and typos.

3. Select publishers from the list provided on specialized sites.

4. To write a synopsis – a brief summary of your work and attach it to the main text as a separate file or on a separate sheet.

5. Send the manuscript to the selected publishers using the Internet or mail.

6. In a few days – a week to contact the publishers to confirm that your manuscript is still under development.

7. Continue to be a long wait. As a rule, the consideration of the manuscript takes 1-3 months, and then publishing his own contacts with the author. If during this period of time that did not happen, you may ask about the fate of his creation. Before this period, to call or write to the editors is not worth it.