To turn on the TV much easier than it may be. Employees of all channels on a daily basis who spend long hours in search of fresh and interesting topics, so if your story will seem to them important and interesting, she will move. For starters, consider how best to present information so that it hooked on of television.
To turn on the TV by e-mail. To learn the address on the site on the Internet. Some channels place their coordinates on the logo, which is demonstrated in the air during commercial breaks. The text of the letter is best addressed to the chief editor, making the topic a note. This will allow you to pay attention to your message, make it more substantial. Tell the editor about your problem, write that you hope to channel in light of the situation. At the end of the letter, be sure to leave your coordinates.
If it is not possible to use email, just call the editor of the TV channel. The phone number can be found in any reference book or by calling the telephone base number 09 (it works in all cities). In the editorial you ask, what you call, tell him that you have a theme for a good story, ask them to connect you with the editor or any of the correspondents.
Many Federal and regional TV channels have talk shows that discuss social problems. As a rule, at the end of the program or before leaving for the advertising, the leading editorial voice telephone number, and email address and encourage the audience to share their stories. You can turn on the TV in this room.
Go to the website of the TV channel. Surely there is a forum for the audience. On the forum you can create your own theme to appeal to the employees of the channel, leave your phone number and wait for a response.