The Address where the newspaper is published on the last page near the telephone number, information about the circulation, price and other output. Please note: you need just the address of the publisher and not the printing. If the newspaper is a regional issue of the Russian edition, then decide who you address the letter to: local journalists or Moscow.
To whom Options may be several. Want to praise the material, or to argue a specific author, write on the envelope the name of the journalist, you are interested in under a specified article. Only know the Department of the newspaper - address your appeal there. I think that your problem should be tackled by the authorities – make a mark "personally to the chief editor". Specifying a recipient, you will accelerate the review of your letter.
How to apply Traditional appeal "dear editors" is still popular and quite convenient to use. Alternatively, you can contact the journalist or editor by name-patronymic, which is available from the Secretary of the editorial Board by phone.
Hampole about treatment, write a few words about your relationship to the newspaper. For example, you've been reading this edition and it fully reflects your position in life. Write about it. Journalists will be pleased to hear words of gratitude in his address. Don't start a message with angry allegations of anything address. Maybe you should mention that you are expressing your own opinion and will be grateful if my application is published.Citing as argument to specific facts, data, names of people and titles of the responsible persons, try to be as objective as possible. Do not distort reality and people's names. It is bad for your reputation and impede a journalistic investigation on your letter. If you participate in a competition organized by the newspaper, try to comply with all its terms and conditions. Will inform some details about myself. For example, write about how long wanted to go to the sea and how happy that my favorite newspaper is holding a contest with prize vouchers to the Crimea.
As pisatelia brief on the merits. It is prohibited to use profanity, offensive language, ambiguity and unethical hints.
From colobacteria sign the letter. Anonymous applications will not be considered by the editors. Show themselves to be decent and responsible citizen, after all, your letterprobably does not contain slander. Follow the surname, name and middle name, not initials. Specify the full address and phone number. So editors will be able to contact you if necessary. If for any reason you do not want to publish his name, report about it in the letter.
Reverse svetlosti if you have received a letter, from the Secretary of the editorial Board by phone. Or send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.