Based on the theme and message of the article, try to accurately determine in which category it could be printed. This will filter out those publications that are clearly not suitable. For example, if the article is being seriously considered by the political situation, it will not fit into the format of the "yellow" Newspapers. At the same time, an article about unnoticed, but the latest cultural event held in the city, may be published in the edition of the infotainment focus.
Contact the editors of the newspaper. The article can be send as email and conventional. Additionally, please include the name and contact details, so that you can contact the editors, and why you think that material should be published. The use of email can make the communication more prompt. Properly designed and well-written letter will cause more respect.
Do not have to write a letter to the editor. Instead, you can go to the office of publication to the chief editor. Personal contact will make it possible to establish contact. Equally important in this matter is the ability to engage in dialogue and to make a good impression. If you possess these qualities, then a personal visit of the editorial office can become more productive.
If the selected edition is a working journalist on the subject of your article, refer to it. You can contact him via e-mail and meet in person. As a rule, journalists are interested in finding new material relating to their subject matter. So if his article seems appropriate, it can be published.