You will need
  • - the space for the event:
  • - the text of the prompt (press release);
  • contact the editors (phone numbers, Fax numbers, email address);
  • - personal contacts in the media (optional but very desirable).
Any information message must answer three main questions - what, where and when happened or will happen. These requirements are quite fair with respect to the information that you plan to tell reporters, inviting them to your event, be it press conference, presentation, promotion, or anything else.The organization should start with the format of the event, and he will help you understand the space requirements of the meeting and next steps for its organization. However, the organization - a topic that deserves special consideration. Here it is better to assume that these issues are already resolved and the thing for the actual procedure of invitation.
Prepare a short press release on the future of the event. In the first lines try to reflect the essence: what, in your opinion, is the most important component and what may be interesting for various media.The content of this document depends, will come to you people or not. And journalists, like readers of print or online media, determine whether to spend time on further reading, by title and first lines of a press release.Don't forget to indicate in the text where and when of the event, its anticipated program, the approximate duration of your contacts.
Prepared press release send to the editors. Find media contacts is very simple. The print and online editions place them in the output (from the print media, they are located most often on the last page, but other options are available: second, penultimate, etc. from the online publications of these data are usually found in the "About us" or "Contact"), the majority of print media, television and radio programs and channels also have their own websites, where contact information is also present. In large cities, where many publications will come to the aid of various manuals. But the information in them should be checked: it may be outdated (the edition was moved, closed, changed format, etc.).
The main channel of communication nowadays is the Internet. However, it is helpful to duplicate a press release by Fax, if you know his number.Knowing the phone edition, you can ask how best to send them an email or Fax, or ask to connect you with the journalist who may be interested in the theme of your event.
If you personally know someone from journalists, take the time to inform him about the upcoming event in any way. Ask him to report back to the colleagues, if your event is not included in the scope of his professional interests (for example, you have event medical subjects, he is about medicine, not writing, but may be interested in those who engaged in medicine in the same edition).In the absence of in your area of writer interest to the national media, find the address of the nearest office (on the website, in the newspaper or call the editor). Usually the responsibility of the writer is not only the region where he lives, but adjacent.
A useful tool in the work will serve well as a variety of online resources for posting press releases. If you have no one to place an invitation to go there, you can use the services of freelancers. In the various exchanges of remote work there are enough people who are willing to take your order. In the absence of a full-time professional on writing a press release or invitation, this work also can be charged to the freelancer.
In the remaining before the event start time, be ready to answer the calls of journalists, their questions. Many of your answers will depend on the decision whether the event deserves their attention.Besides, some of them are likely for objective reasons (got sick, went to urgent business trip, was on duty in the room, there was something more important etc.) will not be able to attend, but want to prepare a publication based on the press release and your comments.After the event, additional issues may arise and those journalistswho it was, so be ready to answer calls and email requests and for some time after the event.