Prepare legal documents for a new apartment and a passport. If you are the main tenant and move into a new apartment together with relatives, some of them, to have them prescribed, require one of the documents which confirms their relationship to you (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), as well as a photocopy of the document.
Visit the local Department of the passport office along with all adult members of his family. In accounting EIRTS (uniform it is information-clearing center) open settlement account.
In the branch of Sberbank of Russia will pay the stamp duty on receipts, the form which you can obtain in the branch of the passport office, or downloaded online on the portal of state services.
In the Department of the FMS (passport office) apply for a residence permit and give the passports of all family members. Instead of passports you will be issued a certificate stating that your passports are on the permit.
Download an application form for a residence permit, when possible, with the Internet portal "public". Complete and print the application form, put a personal signature. You can pass a completed application via the Internet.
To check out a former residence is not necessary, this will happen automatically when you come back of a piece of departure from a new place of your residence. Although many people believe that you must first be sure to check out, it is not. No one will forbid you to execute procedure statement, but why do you need an extra haul?
Re-visit the Department of passport in a week in the same composition as before. You get back your passport with the appropriate level of registration at the new place of residence and the statement of the old. You and all your family members will have to sign the book of registry about obtaining a new residence.