You will need
  • - consent of owners of housing;
  • - a passport with a statement from the previous place of residence.
In order to be registered in the new location your permanent residence, signs your release from the previous place of registration. This especially applies to soldiers who, during military service are registered in a military unit, and students who are registered in the student hostels.
Take the previous place of registration of the leaf disposal and not later than seven days come with him to the passport office at your new place of residence. With this piece you will need to provide a passport or other document proving your identity and a completed application for registration. Provide a document that is the basis for your settlement. This can be a certificate of ownership or contract of sale, the court's decision recognizing the right of ownership or a warrant, a statement of the owner of premises, which provides you with a place to stay. Bring the payment receipt of state duty for registration and the forms of statistical accounting.
If you are going to register in a private house, together with the above documents provide the house register in the registration authorities.
In the case of registration of a newborn all these actions must be done as soon as he turns six months. Also provide birth certificate of the child along with a copy of this document, the parents ' passports and copies of passports and copies of owners of housing, their written consent to the registration of the child.
If the parents are registered at different locations, then register the baby can be in any of them. In the case when both parents live in the same place and are the owners of the apartment, they need to write a consent to the registration of their child.
If one of the parents is the owner of part of the housing, in which is written the child, and he was in another place, he must present a certificate stating that the baby's address has never been registered.