You will need
  • - passport,
  • - documents of the housing,
  • - military ID
  • - birth certificates of children.
Before you check out and register (i.e. removed from the register in the migration service), decide what check you expect to receive. If you need to register at the time, the issue you will have "registration at place of stay". Unlike permanent residence, registration of this type is not marked in the passport stamp, but is made in the form of leaf-liner. At the time of registration to be discharged from home no need.
A permanent record can be obtained at the passport office at the place of residence. For this you need to contact the passport guy with the documents confirming the right of ownership of the premises where you are registered with a passport and a statement, filled in according to form 1P.
If you are not the owner of the apartment or house, you must bring the rightful owners, and if it is impossible (for example, they are not in the country) to provide notarized consent to your registration.
Going to withdraw from the register at their previous place of residence is also no need, the current system of migration registration allows you to check out and register at the same time. Just at the passport office and the division of the FMS, where you applied, you will need to fill out another "piece of departure".
However, you must understand that if "leaf departure" with a mark about removal at the former place of residence you will bring to yourself, will give you significantly faster. the fact that the Registrar has on your application to make a request to the division of the FMS where you had previously listed, and even if both agencies are within one city, and the staff can easily call each other and clarify the fact of removing you from the register until written response to the request to register, you will not be.