Permanent registration

What it means to have permanent registration at the place of residence? This means that the passport is stamped indicating that the person was there, where he lives.

Such registration is issued on a permanent basis. The person, which is a stamp in the passport about the stay at the place of residence, not work to write without his consent.

How to make a residence in your house or apartment, if a citizen has no right of ownership of the property? This is a common situation faced by many Russians.

Housing code of the Russian Federation allows to sign up in the square, which belongs to the citizen in the following cases:

·If the property has only one owner, he can register another person at will. This is the easiest option. · If the property has several owners, according to the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the consent to the registration of all owners of the house or apartment. Citizens, in whose property there is housing, jointly, take all decisions about the operations of the property.

What to do if one or more property owners opposed to been issued a permanent registration? In this case, it is the owner who prescribes the person may apply to the court. If the subject property is the subject of the contract of social hiring (this is a situation in which none of the tenants residing in the residential property, has no rights of ownership), then the owners usually are regional municipal governments.

That the owner can make the decision on possibility of registration. To apply for the registration to the relevant authorities. If faced with the task to issue a residence permit in a Council flat, you must obtain the consent of all citizens registered on the property. After consent is obtained, contact the local authorities. If you want to check in a service apartment, in most cases, you need to drawing up the agreement regulating the relations employee-employer. In residential areas this type people live on the rights of the sublease. In this case the right of residence given at the time, as long as the term of the employment agreement.

Obligations of registered citizen

It should be noted, what legal obligations fall on the person registered on the residential property: - the citizen is required to maintain the housing in order to maintain cleanliness;

- to use the premises is permitted only for its intended purpose;

- was the citizen lay down obligations regarding the timely payment of utilities (electricity, water).

If these requirements are not met, then the person can be discharged occupied housing.

Nuances of registration

If the apartment will be registered by an adult without rights of ownership, he will be able to register there his or her minor child, who as an adult will receive housing rights.

If a minor citizen will be registered on the municipal property by privatization he gets right to his share.

As for the situation, when the apartment or house receives a residence permit of the child, you need to remember that write it out to be quite problematic. If you need to sell or exchange the property, can be difficult.

The easiest solution in a situation when the apartment registered minors without property rights, is to issue him a residence permit on the territory of the other parent. The living space that is needed to register child must be not less than that at which it will be discharged. Otherwise, the guardianship can hinder the process.

How to get a residence permit?

Permanent registration gives a lot of opportunities. If any more chances to find a formal job. With regard to medical assistance, and it is easier to obtain, with registration at the place of residence.

For the registration you need the residential property whose owner does not object to prescribe to a person, and the presence of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

What do people who have no relatives or friends in the locality where they intend to live and work? In this case, you can look for ads of people who are willing to prescribe to a person for a fee. These options are enough. You will be able to obtain a residence permit without the right to property.

A citizen who is looking for a place for registration, he can make an announcement that he is looking for a volunteer to register at man on a contractual basis. The issue price depends on the region and market of such proposals on the part of homeowners. In any case, you can come to a common agreement.