If you are the owner (or one of the owners) of the apartment in which you want to register, then you the registration procedure is extremely simple. Take the certificate of ownership the apartment and my passport and go to the passport at the location of the apartment. Don't forget in advance (by phone) to clarify the schedule of the passport on registration. Also, be ready to part with their documents (in particular passport for a few days (but not more than a week). But after this time your passport will show off a brand new stamp of registration.
Another thing, if you are not the owner of the premises, which intend to be registered, and is a close relative of the owner. In this case, you also need a passport and certificate of ownership of the apartment to go to the passport office. But it must be done in the presence of the owner of the apartment. He will write a statement which will indicate that it agrees to register you in their apartment.
If you are neither the owner nor close relative of the owner of the premises then available for you only a temporary registration. You need to negotiate with the owner of the apartment in which you want to register, and contact with him in the Passport office of the district where the apartment is located. They will review your documents and make a decision to register or refuse registration.