You will need
  • - certificate of registration of the legal entity;
  • - the Charter of the organization;
  • - Bank details;
  • - conclusion sanepidemstantsii and the fire service.
If you wish to start selling the product outside, will need to obtain a permit to install a commercial facility. To do this, you should contact city or district administration, where you will detail all required actions.
In any case, you will need to prepare a package of documents from various regulatory authorities (sanitary and epidemiological stations, firefighters, etc.) indicating that your commercial space complies with the requirements and standards.
Note that a private person, which is not designed as individual entrepreneurs (entrepreneur without registration of a legal entity) consent to street trade will not. Therefore, you will need:

- the certificate on registration of the legal entity;
- INN;

- the Charter of the organization;

- Bank details of your company;

- a lease of land where will be your trading point;

- conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological station;

- conclusion of state fire supervision of its compliance with fire regulations;

- certificate from tax on absence of debts;

- the list of sold goods.

- a number of shipping documents;

- contract for garbage removal, etc.

A complete list of all documents can be found in the administration.
Itself permission to install a commercial facility gives the Department of consumer market of territorial administration for 3 days after treatment. It is given strictly on the time during which your outlet.
When opening any business it is important to determine the taxation system. To trade on the street, you can choose a single imputed tax. In this case you will pay not from the area, and retail outlets. In addition, when the single imputed tax, not need a cash register. However, if you choose the simplified tax system taxes will have to pay regardless of whether you are working or not.