You will need
  • - registration documents;
  • permits;
  • - the application for obtaining a license.
For obtaining the license to trade wine-vodka products it is necessary to the licensing authority to write a statement of its competition by providing a whole package of documents.
First prepare originals and copies of the certificate of registration of the legal person and statement on the account in tax authority. The founding documents and their certified copies will be required when obtaining the license.
Repay the debt for all taxes and duties, if any, and will receive a certificate of their absence. Don't forget that all certificates issued by public institutions, have a limited validity, so if the rest of the documents are not ready yet, with the help worth to wait.
Prepare originals and copies of permits from the sanitary and epidemiological service and fire inspection. If these documents you have or their validity period is about to end, you should contact the relevant authorities to obtain them. The responsible persons of these services be sure to visit the object of licensing to verify compliance with its standards, therefore, prepare thoroughly, bring everything in order in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
Prepare the original and a copy of the contract taking the licensing protection.
Make a copy of the registration card of the cash register and contract services.
Prepare the certificate of ownership of the premises in which you operate. If you are not the owner, you will need a lease agreement or another document confirming the right of use of the premises.