You will need
  • For obtaining a license:
  • - certificate of incorporation,
  • - application
  • - copies of constituent documents,
  • - information on the share capital,
  • receipt of payment of duty,
  • - a rental contract or use of the trading room
  • For trade:
  • - KKM,
  • - certificates of conformity of products, declarations,
  • - invoices
For obtaining a license for trade in alcohol the seller is officially registered with the tax authorities to a legal entity having a list of types of entrepreneurial activities codes directly related to this kind of trade, you must fill out a special application form with the indication provided by the office of business development information. The application itself is filled in one copy, certified by the seal and gives the potential right to receive a license for a period up to five years.
By this statement, you should attach all copies of constituent documents and data of initial registration with the relevant tax authorities, a document confirming payment of the fee, which now stands at about 40,000 rubles per year, document the presence of own or rented premises for the purpose of trading with the term of use of not less than one year, information on the amount of the share capital and the identity of the independent appraisers on deposits in it.
Depending on the type of settlement - urban or rural - the seller is obliged to acquire premises for conducting this kind of trade with an area of 50 or 25 meters respectively.
Sale of alcohol also requires the obligatory presence of officially registered cash registers. All alcohol products must have a list of attached certificates, solemn declarations or their copies certified by a notary.
It is also necessary to collect and store all commodity accompanying documents, which will indicate the information on the certificates given by the manufacturer and the supplier of the goods. This can be invoices, certificates for customs documents, such as Declaration for imported products, certified by the seal of the previous owner. For domestic alcoholic beverages provides for reference to the consignment note.
With bodies of local administration need to agree on the location of the object relative to trade educational, health and other public objects, for which there are official rules of remoteness from points of sale of alcohol, that is, to permit the establishment of borders of the adjacent territories.
All the above documents must reside in the area of the outlet. On demand of the tax authorities and the actual buyers can be provided with all copies of certificates of conformity issued by Gosstandart printing current owner of the goods consignment note and the accompanying certificate, certified with the official seal of the last of seller and buyer of alcohol.