To purchase a licence for trade in alcoholic beverages is required to gather a considerable set of documents. The list can be found in the departments concerned with licensing. It includes more than twelve documents.
Write an application for a license to the appropriate Agency. Attach copies of all constituent documents and certificates on registration and statement on the account in tax authority.
Take the tax inspection certificate on absence of arrears of fees, fines and penalties. Please note that the validity of this certificate is 90 days.
The place of trade in alcoholic beverages must comply with sanitary-epidemiological norms, it is necessary to take the conclusion in the SES.
Call the specialist in fire safety, which must make a finding of compliance.
Sign a contract for security services if you intend to sell alcohol containing more than 15% ethanol. This agreement must also be attached to the application on granting the license.
Make a copy of the registration card kontrolno-the cash register.
Take care of the document of rent or ownership of premises, which will sell alcoholic beverages.
After the application and package of documents for a license you must attend a Commission that will examine the institution for compliance with the standards and requirements.
Make sure that the trading floor in a prominent place hung a copy of the law "On protection of consumer rights", were in good condition fire extinguishers were safe, the floor plan of evacuation. Can check the log sanitizing premises from rodents, and the availability of sanitary books at sellers.
The license is given for a period of one year to five years. Depending on that varies the amount of the fee. It also depends on the type of trade and number of outlets.
Then the license can be extended, the procedure is greatly simplified. To do this, submit the application for renewal with a package of documents for a month before the end of the license term.