Go to the administrator of the market and let them know that you intend to open trade in such goods. Find out if there is free trade space and what is the cost of rent. The administrator will acquaint you with the rules of trade in this market and indicate the preliminary location of your retail outlet. Inspect the area for its future work, get to know your neighbors.
Next, go to the tax office. Contact the consultant. He will explain what documents you need to prepare, will give the forms that need to be filled. Following his instructions, you complete your individual enterprise. You can also find detailed instructions on the Internet. Please read them, then print the forms, complete them, and with ready documents go to a specialist tax office. Despite the simplicity, the procedure will take some time.
With a package of ready-made documents that allow the trade, go to the administrator of the market and hand them to him. Maybe he'll charge you extra reference. Do not argue with him, you'd better follow its requirements. Thereby you provide yourself a quiet work in the future, and at the same time good relations with the authorities.
Now your main task – to find and negotiate with reliable supplier (or several suppliers). Whether it's Russian wholesale warehouse, farm, shop online or abroad – you decide. Most likely, you have to design in the tax office had some idea of who will buy the product. Perhaps you called the coordinates of the reliable providers those who have long traded on the market and knows all the details of this case. Now it's time to formalize the relationship with these suppliers. Take this procedure very seriously, because the quality of the product depends on your future income. At the same time take care of warehouse, if necessary, arrange rental and purchase. Make a purchase the first batch of goods.
After receiving the goods, if possible and easy to put on the shelves (shelves, racks), and start trading.