You will need
  • - legal registration;
  • place;
  • - design;
  • - resolution;
  • equipment;
  • - the goods;
  • - staff.
Analyze the movement of pedestrian traffic in the place where are going to put pussy. If the regional administration offers several points, choose one that is near high-rise buildings – there is a higher concentration of potential buyers. Remember that fruits and vegetables are most often bought close to home and not near work. In the business part of the city , the kiosk will not bring the desired profit.
Write a business plan. Do not make allowances for the fact that you are opening the business is not as large as a full-fledged store. To subsequently obtain the maximum income, it is also important to plan everything correctly. Provide a business plan narrative, which should consist of analysis of competitive environment (who is in walking distance from your point sells similar goods), direction of pedestrian traffic (where bus stops), the seasonal range.The financial part may contain information about the estimated fixed and variable costs, and planned revenues and trading margins. Marketing part discounts and other promotions designed to attract local residents.
Construct the design, purchase and place business equipment. Most likely, you will only need the Windows and shelves, and cash register and scales. But it all depends on whether you are going to suggest pickling, marinades, vegetables, salads and other similar products requiring low temperature. Get approval documents of Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspections.
Find suppliers - ideally, one name range, you should have at least two of them. And the goods must come to the city in different ways. Thus, you can avoid interruptions with varying products, which is especially important on the eve of holidays.
Make staff schedule, hire staff, brought and spread out the product. If its quality meets the consumer standards, and you walked right into this pricing, the first day you will have buyers.