First we need to choose a place to trade and range. Near business centers, companies and public institutions to profitably sell cooking. In a residential area of the popular dairy products, bakery and confectionery products, cereals, alcohol, cigarettes. The store on the outskirts of town buyers often ask soft drinks, sandwiches, and burgers vacuum Packed. In the "Golden square" can be a popular expensive products.
Next step – get all the necessary documents for the sale of food, a license to sell alcohol. Write a statement to the SES and fire inspection. Experts from these agencies will inspect the premises on professional competence and make an appropriate conclusion.
Now you need to choose a suitable name for the point of sale. It should be bright, memorable and clearly reflect the variety store. For example, "Yummy", "sweet Tooth", "Avoska", "Meat feast", etc. to match the name needed to be done and the sign for the outlets.
Also you'll need shop equipment – shelving, refrigerators, cash register area. Before purchasing all this equipment, you must determine which type of trading is in your store – self, or over the counter. Need for self-service racks, shelves, freezer with which buyers will be convenient to take the goods and the seller to keep order on the trading floor. When trading over the counter it is important that all products are highly visible to customers.
Then you need to ensure that the point of commodity. Today, many suppliers themselves bring the product to the store. Bell manufacturers of the desired products, check the contacts of suppliers in your city. Contact them and order your products. Some products, e.g. fruits or vegetables can be purchased at wholesale markets.
Placing the product on the shelves, do not forget about the rules of merchandising. That is, each product should have its own place and the right neighborhood. For example, you cannot place one in the refrigerator for a sweet cake and a salted fish or bacon. First, it prohibits sanitary rules and norms. And secondly, this commodity next interested buyer will not succeed.
Hire good vendors and open doors of his shop for customers.