The use of the land under the contract of lease is accompanied by payment of the rent of a certain size. The principle and the rules of calculating amount of payment for the use of land owned by state or municipal ownership, are established by the government of the Russian Federation, authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and bodies of local self-government.
Rent for use of the land calculated on the basis of the base rate, taking into account the differentiation on categories of lands and lessees, to natural, economic and urban zones, taking into account priority directions of development of the economy in the area.
The process of differentiation is done by multiplying the base rate iegadajoties Board, corresponding to specific categories of land, by the correction coefficients, which are determined by the individual characteristics of the case of use of a site leasehold.
The final amount of the annual payment under the lease contract of the land plot can be calculated by the following formula:

SUM = S x BS x KC x Kt, where the SUM is determined by the total amount of RUB; S – area of the leased area, sq m; BS – base rate, is determined depending on land category, in RUB; KC – correction coefficient determined by the type of target use of the site and the category of tenants; Kt – coefficient of zonal differentiation, depending on the urban or natural-economic zoning is determined upon by the state authorities cadastral estimation of the earth.
The payable amount of rent is calculated for each day of use of a land plot in the corresponding period of rent from the annual rent. As the period of the lease provides for month or quarter, as determined in accordance with the prepared agreement to lease the land and conditions they are approved.