If you have a plot in the form of a trapezoid, its area is considered, as it should be a school course of geometry. For the calculations, divide it into triangles and rectangles. Calculate for each of them in their area (again, guided math), and then add the resulting values, and as a result will learn what area of your allotment.
The same principle is recommended to calculate the area of land and in those cases, if they are a different kind of geometric shapes. For example, if the site was allocated in the form of a ring, the area it consider the formula area of a circle. If the plot is a diamond, then its area will be equal to the area of a rhombus, etc.
If the land is uneven markup, then calculate its area can be based on measurements in azimuth (this is a professional measurement of the land plots). For this, all razmena information is recorded as follows: for each point on the contour set the size of the angle measured azimuth and distance to the next point. This should be done clockwise. You need to put necessarily all sizes, which were obtained in the course of land research.
Then to measure uneven plot connected equipment. All calculations must be recorded in a special program that calculate the area of your allotment with three decimal places.
If the values on the plot you have in the form of degrees, minutes and seconds, the area should be considered. First you calculate the values that are defined by specified indicators, i.e., build the plane, which carry all the data in the form of a projection. With the help of this piece is calculate the length of degrees and minutes and seconds, and the resulting digital values are all for the same school put formulas in the area.
If you want the correct calculations, then call the experts. They more accurately measure all sides of your allotment, and then they themselves will make all the necessary calculations. This method will be the most correct and proper.