You will need
  • - valuation of land;
  • - transfer act;
  • - certificate of ownership of the land.
For the production of the land in balance find out first the cost. It should be mentioned in the documents of the disclosing party or the contract of purchase and sale. If the value of the land is unknown, conduct a peer-review using the normative price of land. Note that the cost of land is not reflected on the balance sheet if the organization has received from the state on rights to use. For example, agricultural enterprises consider the land allocated by the state on pozoblanco accounts.
Analytical accounting of land spend in hectares pre-arranging it by type of land (hayfields, arable land, orchards, HOMESTEAD land Fund, etc.).
Having determined the carrying value of land (net of VAT), organize a special Commission of experts on land issues in order to capitalize the land and to sign the act. This document have specially designed government form 111-APK. In the act reflect the full characteristics take on balance of land: their kind, size, location, and information about fertility, the basis for the acquisition, the carrying amount, configuration, etc.
After the signing of all members of the Commission give its approval to the Director, and then pass to the accounting Department for enrollment of land to fixed assets.
Make specific notes about your new acquisition in the land registry book. The act, together with the certificate of ownership on the new site, apply for financial help and keep safe.
In accounting, land will reflect on the account 01-6 "the Land plots and objects of nature management" in correspondence with account 91.
Under current legislation fertility of land over time should not deteriorate, so depreciation land is not depreciated.