You will need
  • - personal computer
  • - Paint or FineReader
Change the text of the picture by using Paint. This program with a minimal set of tools allows you to edit images and text. Select the area of text, i.e. the part of the image that contains the text you want to edit the message using the clipboard on the original picture. Copy and paste into Paint.
Now remove all the text using the eraser tool and draw all the letters themselves. Paint will be much easier if you choose a large scale and to draw lines. If the text is written in the contour of a certain shape, for example round, first sketch the outlines of the figure. Highlight the text, copy and put on the old text, just inserting it.
Change the text using the inserts. Form your inscription from the available letters of the old text. This option is suitable in rare cases, but it is easy to use. Apply this method, highlighting the text area and pasting them into Paint or another graphics editor.
Edit the text using FineReader. This program allows you to recognize any text and translate them from paper to electronic form in high quality. Please note that the recognition may occur with multiple formats: PDF, BMP, JPEG, DJVU etc. First scan the desired area of text. Select it and command "to recognize".
Edit the text. Enter not only your characters, but also clean the "garbage", i.e. small dots and strokes, correct the distortion of the row, turn the inscription on the right angle, apply the mirroring, trim unnecessary details and erase unnecessary lines. Thus, will transform the text so that it fits all your requirements.