You will need
  • Foxit PhantomPDF.
Choose the most suitable application for editing pdf documents. This may be one of the products of the company Adobe, the developer of this format - or any editor of a third-party manufacturer. The last time the famous line of apps to work with pdf documents from company Foxit Corporation. To select and load one of its programmes on the website of the manufacturer
After installing the application open the document into which you want to add text. This can be done by double-clicking the document file or through the standard dialogue. This dialog is invoked by pressing Ctrl + O or selecting "Open" under "File" menu.
Scroll through the document until the page you want to add the text, expand the "Comments" menu of the editor. This can be done with a mouse click and press Alt and S. Go to the section "Placing textand" (W) and select the "typewriter Tool" (shortcut T). Then click the page to begin entering the desired text. Its precise positioning in relation to the original textbut at this stage not required.
After the end of the set, pick up the convenient location of this additional fragment. Move the mouse pointer onto the frame the textand move it with the left button to the desired location.
Using the control elements at the top of the program window change the font of the added textand its size, color, align center, right or left edge. In addition to these standard is for textoriented editors tools there are also those that are more often used for working with textom in graphic editors - change the letter spacing, scaling vertically and horizontally.
Save the edited document in this section the "File" menu editor designed items "Save" and "Save as". They invoke the standard dialog used in most editors, therefore, unlikely to cause any issues.