You will need
  • computer;
  • - Adobe Reader;
  • - Foxit PDF Reader;
  • - ABBYY FineReader;
  • - a file with the extension pdf.
Install on your computer Adobe Reader. This licensed program. If you want you can use a free software. The same function, for example, has Foxit PDF Reader. Open the file with. pdf extension. If you need to translate all of the text in a different format, nothing released is not necessary. Go to the menu "File" and find the option "Save as text" (Save as text). If the text is not protected, and besides written in English, or another language, where there are few diacritical points, no problems. The text will saved in. txt format, and you can open it with any text editor and edit.
If you need not the whole text, but only part of it, or a document written in a language with a large number of diacritics, you will have to copy it. For this there is the option "text Selection". It is located in the tab "Tools" top menu. Choose this function. Put the mouse button at the start of the desired paragraph. Using the left button highlight the desired fragment. To copy, simply press the right mouse button. Tab will appear which has the option "copy". The program FoxReader option selection is also in the top menu, but need to find the appropriate icon. It is marked with the letter T.
To select multi-page text, look in the top menu tab "Edit" and the option "Select all". Click on it. The text of the document will stand alone, without any mouse movement. You can copy it.
It is sometimes necessary to copy a piece of text in a pdf file of the inserted picture. This is quite often done not so much to protect the text, but for the sake of speed. For example, so keep the book in many online libraries. In this case, can not do without the ABBYY FineReader or its analogues. Open a document such a program. Then in the top menu, find the tab "Recognize". Before you press the corresponding key, it is very useful to set in a special window the language of the document and the type.
The quality of the documents with the pdf extension sometimes leaves much to be desired. For example, a picture with text can be scanned with very low resolution. When trying to recognize a text Adobe Reader will prompt you to increase the scanning resolution. In this case, without a screenshot will not do. Take a screenshot with the highest possible resolution, save it in a graphical format, and open with ABBYY FineReader or other OCR program.