You will need
  • Computer, Foxit PDF Editor, Internet access
Editors pdf-formatand there are many. There are professional editors in which the average user will understand it is not easy. For the ordinary user need pdf editor with basic functions, without all these extra features. Foxit PDF Editor - a simple program to correct pdf files. With its help you can edit both text and graphics. For the average user of this program will be the best option. Download and install this application on your computer.
After Foxit PDF Editor is now installed on your computer, just right click the PDF file you want to edit. In the resulting menu, click "open with". From the list of programs, select Foxit PDF Editor.
Immediately notice the toolbar at the top in the program window. Here is all the necessary commands for editing pdf files. If you need to edit the text in the file, click on the desired row and double click. Or using the mouse highlight a section of text. When the desired text is highlighted, you can edit it. The font for editable text is the same as that of the entire document. If you want to change the font settings of the row, click the right mouse button and select the context menu Property List. You can change the format of the font, change its color, position.
If you want to write to a file, a graphic or an image, on the toolbar, select Add Graphics. A menu will appear where you can select the location where you want to insert this graphic element. To edit a particular object, for example, of the drawing, click twice with the left mouse button. A menu opens with which you can edit the selected item. Foxit PDF Editor has its own graphic editor with which you can create graphics directly in the document. You can choose on the toolbar.