Press the key labeled Num Lock to turn on digital keyboard. It is usually just on this additional numeric keypad and is on the first (left) location in the upper row. He works as a trigger, that is, when off side section of the keyboard press this button it includes, when enabled - disables.
Use the fn + f11 in order to enable this additional digital keyboard on your laptop or laptop. Some of the models of such computers to reduce the size of the keypad removed and its functions transferred to the group of keys on the main keyboard. These buttons have the additional symbols, in a different color from the symbols of the main keys. Pressing a combination of fn + f11 reassigns the function of these buttons, and they begin to work in the same way as the numpad on a standard keyboard. The f11 key can be replaced by other function key depending on the computer model.
Change the value of the corresponding setting in the BIOS, if the keypad is inactive immediately after loading the operating system. Not all BIOS have this option, but if it is on your computer, it may be called, for example, the Num Lock Status and the value corresponding to the enabled condition is indicated by the inscription ON. In order to enter the BIOS settings panel, initiate a reboot of the OS via the main menu on the "start" button wait until the computer is turned off and the start of a new load cycle. When the lights on the keyboard will flash, then press the Delete key and see the settings panel BIOS. Sometimes, instead of Delete you need to press f10, f2, or f1 keyboard shortcuts that you can learn from the description of your version.