However, in some cases, the need arises to disable the keyboard. The reason may be her fault (broken keyboard can spontaneously generate pressing any keys, making the computer impossible even for applications that allow you to do without text entry), and the availability of alternative keyboard (e.g., connecting an external keyboard to the laptop is quite logical to turn off the primary to protect against accidental operation). Sometimes it is necessary to lock the keypad to prevent access of children to running in the system processes.

To disable the keyboard can offer several key ways:

  1. Physical disconnection. If for desktop it is not difficult for even the most inexperienced user, in the case of the laptop keyboard will require some skill and accuracy, although difficulties by turning off the keyboard also does not usually occurs in laptop it is likewise connected to the motherboard with a special cable, which is easy to locate and carefully disconnect. When opening the laptop case be careful: violation of seals may deprive you of the opportunity to obtain a warranty service.

  2. Using the command "rundll32 keyboard,disable" allows you to lock the keyboard until the next reboot of the system. The command is entered at the command prompt (start — Programs — accessories — Command prompt) or the Run window (start — Run).

  3. To implement the keypad lock enable some third-party utilities such as LockWin, providing sophisticated tools to block the various functions of the operating system or Toddler Keys, specially designed to protect your computer from children. Latest utility by pressing the keys displays funny pictures and play sounds, allowing at the same time entertain the child and to protect the information and applications of your computer from unauthorized use.

  4. To protect your computer from children can be used another simple trick: keep next to the computer with another keyboard connected to nothing. It will allow for some time to divert the attention of the baby