Press Shift and Alt, notice the icon in the bottom of the screen on the right side. Ru – Russian language, En – English. If the keyboard is not switched, then hit the Ctrl and Alt keys, then the keyboard needs to switch. To change the language in reverse order, press the key combination that switches your keyboard.
If you are unable to switch keyboard using the keys, move the cursor on the language icon in the quick access toolbar and click on it. In the window that appears, select the desired language and make a second click. Then the language needs to change.
For convenience, switch the keyboard install a special program Punto Switcher, which automatically will change the language. It works as follows. If you begin to type the word "msche", the program will automatically change the language to English and the same in reverse order. It fully adapts to the spelling of the words. The program works very well. You can download it online or buy a CD.
If the keyboard does not switch on, contact service, you have to help certain settings, or laptop repair. Sometimes the problem is in damage to keys, which are being addressed in the service for a few minutes. The operating system damage by viruses is not the best way affects the operation of the computer, so some features stop working.