You will need
  • keyboard with the old connector;
  • keyboard with USB connector;
  • - user guide PC;
  • - desktop computer;
  • adapter PS/2 to USB;
  • -CD drivers for the keyboard (usually comes with the keyboard).
Unplug the computer, otherwise it will not see the new keyboard. Connect the keyboard with the old connector into the PS/2 port(which on modern motherboards may not). The PS/2 port is for mouse and keyboard and it is different color. For a computer mouse connector green keyboard connector purple. On the connector that goes from the keyboard, it is often called "dad", there are pins. And on the connector that is on your computer, it is usually called "mom", there are special holes where these pins with the correct contact come without any effort. The color of these connectors are also the same, so to mix is impossible.
Connect the keyboard with the old connector by means of an adapter into the USB port(with special adapter). For this you need to buy an adapter PS/2 to USB,then connect it to the connector on the keyboard and paste into a free USB port on your computer.
Turn on the computer, then the computer should detect your keyboard. Install the drivers that are included with the keyboard on the CD. If you have a different keyboard, you must uninstall the old drivers.
Configure the keyboard in BIOS option USB Keyboard Support, which is responsible for the proper operation of the USB mouse from the provisions of the Disabled to be put in a position to Enabled, then save your changes and restart the computer.