You will need
  • a laptop or netbook.
At first glance, it is not so important for second-row keyboard numbers. And they can be used in normal mode. But sometimes this location is inconvenient. Especially if the person on duty has to work a lot with numbers and make various calculations on the calculator. In this case, comes to the aid of the right section of the keyboard NumPad. To find its location on a standard external keyboard is not difficult. On the panel of the laptop is the problem. Although there is a solution in this situation.
For example, you can use a regular keyboard by plugging it to the laptop via a USB port. After connecting the device the computer will automatically install the necessary drivers and you will be able to get to work.
You can also purchase a special panel Num Pad to search which would need to visit computer stores. And then, selecting a suitable model, via the USB port to connect it to the laptop.
But you can do without all these devices and create a numeric keypad Num Pad only with the help of available keys. Try to switch the layout by simultaneously pressing the Fn button (it is located in the lower left corner) and F11 on the top row. However, sometimes F11 may not work, depends on laptop model and its manufacturer. Then you should try to press Fn+NumLk. Once you go into the Num Pad, the screen will appear the relevant icon is a warning about changing the set of numbers.
To check whether special teams transition panel Num Pad with the keyboard. To do this, press one of the keys: "J", "K", "L", U", "I", "O" and several others. If instead of letters you have printed the numbers in order. After all, that's what we wanted. To disable the Num Pad will also need to use the keys Fn+NumLk (or Fn+F11).
If desired, you can create a virtual on-screen keyboard, which can be opened in several ways. At first it is necessary from the start menu, go to "Standard". Then find "accessibility" and select "on-Screen keyboard". The second of the "start menu" go to function "Run" and enter in the osk.