How to lock the keypad

There are several ways to display the keypad down. Consider some of them. The simplest method of lock is the use of various combinations. For example, the combination of keys Win + L takes it down. To remove the ban, you can simply by typing the user's password, or simply press the NumLock key + Fn. This combination depends on the brand and the manufacturer of the laptop. On some models include programs that support various combinations of buttons. Working may be Fn + F6 and Fn + F11. The most common mistake is the inclusion by means of combinations of digital panel that completely blocks the character input. So you need to be careful.

How to lock keyboard on laptop the second way? To disable a keypad physically. Even an inexperienced user can handle it. The laptop keyboard is usually connected with a special cable to the motherboard. So carefully open the case without breaking the seal and unplug the ribbon cable. If you inadvertently violate them, it is possible to remain without a free service in case of breakage of your computer.

The third option lock are special programs. Quite a lot of them, you can buy them in stores and online where they are freely available. Download the program from various sites, but be careful not to catch a virus or Trojan.

To lock the keypad on a laptop you can use the popular program Toddler Keys. It is convenient because it works with all versions of Windows. Purchased the program and installed on the laptop. After its launch in the system tray an icon of TK. Click on the icon with the right mouse button and from the appearing context menu select Lock Keyboard. That's about it. On top of the old keyboard you can put new and free to use without fear that will be pressed or activated button is disabled.

Please note the following: after installing the program, you need to remove the check mark in menu items Disable Power Button Lock and Driver Doors. If you ignore this setting, not only deactivates the keyboard, but the button to open the optical drive and turn on the computer. There's another surprise to work with this program. If you double-click on the tray icon, it disables not only the keyboard but the screen and mouse. To unlock you need to enter a password, which will appear on the monitor.

If the house has small children

If you frequently work on your home computer, but you have a kid who is trying to help you write text in ICQ, to remove multiple files or to open a couple of Windows, the question arises how to lock the keyboard from kids. If the child is still small, the laptop can be removed on the table or on the Cabinet. But with time baby will learn to push the chair in and get what he needs. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to lock the keypad on a laptop from the child.

Program Block: the protection of children's playful hands

Download the program Block. It is very easy to control, with the Russian interface, quick and discreet locking for kids, as well as flexible configuration. The program is easy to remove from tray. You can set the lock to boot the computer, and the kid can't even turn it on. This program proved to be excellent not only in relation to the protection from children and intruders trying to get into the computer and use your information.

The firm Asus laptops

The firm Asus laptops are also equipped with the Fn button. So you can try its combination with Pause, F12, F7 or Win + Fx, where x is can be any number from 1 to 12. Pay attention to the manual for your computer - data is commonly written there. If you have not helped the various "hot" keys and special programs, refer to the official website and download the user manual. If locked keyboard on laptop, and you can't find the way out of the situation, contact technical support. They will tell you the correct code to save the laptop.

Touchpad is locked what to do

There are times that you accidentally locked the touchpad. To bring it back to a working state, press the key combination F7 + Fn. On screen icon will appear. Examine your laptop. Often manufacturers on the buttons of the keyboard draw the icons with the same color as the Fn button. Therefore, the knowledge of interpretations of these characters, you can easily find any combination of keys - and the question is how to lock the keyboard on the laptop, will quickly disappear.