So, to make ankle tendons are more resistant to, for example, exposure of the feet, regularly do the following simple exercises:- get on your knees so that the feet pointing upwards, is now gradually get back to the stop position and repeat for 30 seconds with a springy movement as if Bouncing. Then sit on your heels and sit there for another 30 seconds. If you hurting to sit down all the way, find a position where you will be close to pain, but will only feel the tension. Do at this level, the above steps;- stand on the outer edges of the foot barefoot (or in socks) and walk around the room for a minute, making slow and short steps.
We now turn to the popliteal tendonm:- lie on your back and raise your right leg up. Place your left hand over the region of the calf muscle and pull your leg for themselves, keeping it straight. Wait, how can you do this without severe pain, for 10 seconds, then slowly lower your leg. Do this exercise 6 times for each leg;- the exercise of yoga. From a standing position lean forward (slightly bend knees) down and press with the toes of the feet fingers and drag from the coccyx forward for 10 seconds.
Well stretched and elastic popliteal tendon prevents back pain and lower back, as undeveloped hamstring tendons contribute to the adoption of the basin of the incorrect position, resulting in the back and loins are subjected to excessive loads. So perform these exercises daily and you will definitely see the result.