You will need
  • - DVB card (Skystar 2);
  • program ProgDVB;
  • the Yanksee plugin;
  • plugin s2emu;
  • - plugin csc;
  • - connect to the Internet
Install the computer software for the DVB-card Skystar 2. Turn off PC and install it in a free slot of the motherboard, only the next card. Turn on the computer and produce the final configuration FOR DVB-cards.
Install on the PC ProgDVB. It will give you the ability to view on computer monitor satellite TV and with its plugins you can decode channels in some encodings. Basically it is a BISS and Cryptoworks. NTV+ plugins will not open.
Install to the root folder of ProgDVB plugins Yanksee MD and s2emu. They help to hold on-line decoding signal format and Cryptworks BISS, although States that can and in others. Download new keys from the Internet to the appropriate channel. Move your satellite antenna to the satellite. Run ProgDVB. Enter the transponder data and scan it. Save the channels. They will appear in the left column, highlighted in red (closed) and green (open) color.
Click with the left mouse button on the desired channel. Wait 5 seconds the program window will be the desired channel. If not, then start the plugin MD Yanksee force. Click "Plugins", then yanksee and Show Monitor. This method of decoding the satellite TV is considered the most simple.
Install the PC plugin csc, download it and unzip the archive to the KREN program ProgDVB. Move the file msvcr70.dll in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder. Run ProgDVB, on the tab "Plugins" tab should show CardServer Client. This option provides for viewing of all coded channels using cardsharing. This should also have a ground connection to the Internet (GPRS, ADSL, leased line, Wi-Fi). For watching this way, you should pay a subscription fee of $1-5 per month. In many countries (in Russia) is considered illegal.
Sign up for cardsharing server. Update the plugin's csc To do this, run ProgDVB, on the tab "Plugins" select menu Configure CardServer Client Server. Open it and enter in the popup window the values that will be issued after the registration, namely: User name – login name; Protocol - newcamd525; Password password; Port port for connection; Card Server IP address - IP address or server name; Optional Parameters - des key. Click the Add Item, save configuration - Save Configuration.
Select satellite, transponder and channel package kardsharinga. In the window of the program window will appear the television broadcast of the coded channel. If it does not open, log in to the channel properties double-click in the window on the right CA type (ID), which is also given upon connection. Click "OK".