You will need
  • - DVB-card;
  • - csc plug-in;
  • card access.
Install DVB-card SkyStar 2 type in the motherboard slot of the computer. Before doing this install on PC software. Install the computer program ProgDVB. Configure the settings for DiSEqC, if you have or specify the satellite. Download csc plug-in from the Internet and unzip the archive into the root folder of ProgDVB, then move the file msvcr70.dll directory WINDOWSSYSTEM32, copy, otherwise, if he will be "hanging" in the same place, the program will not start. Check the installation, to do this, start ProgDVB, go to the menu "Plugins". It should appear in section CardServer Client.
Configure the plug-in. To do this, run the program ProgDVB. Connect to the cardsharing server and retrieve the settings of the connection. Go to "Plugins", then "CardServer Client" and "Configure Server". Insert in the opened window the following values: Protocol - newcamd525; User name - username to access sharing; Password - the password to access sharing; Card Server IP Address - 81.XXX.XXX.XXX where "X" is the address of the server balls; Port - connection port (to be specified when connecting); Optional Parameters 0102030405060708091011121314 without spaces.
Click successively on the button "Add Item" and "Save Configuration" window should be closed. Configuration ended. Connect to the Internet via a land line – ADSL, GPRS, wifi, etc. for Example, if you purchased the package of NTV+, then after putting in and configuring PC to the satellite Eutelsat W4/W7 36E, scan it transponders. Save them and they will appear in the left window of ProgDVB. Turn on the desired channel, hover over it in the TV program window on the right. Click the right mouse button and select "properties". A table appears twice then click the appropriate CA type (ID) is issued upon connection. Click "Apply" and "OK". The picture will appear after a few seconds.
Set up paid channels on the receiver. To do this, purchase a satellite tuner with CI slot for access cards. Connect to a TV provider and buy from him this card. Insert it into the slot and set the receiver to the desired satellite.