You will need
  • tuner;
  • card access channels.
Pay the service provider according to the provisions of the contract the right to decrypt those channels you want to view. On the possibilities of a provider inquiry on the official website of the company. This is the only legal way to decode the channels.
Learn about the capabilities of your tuner about unlocking the channels. Mandatory, consider the features of the model and provider, who supply you with services of satellite television. Find out on the flashing and make sure you have a remote control.
Purchase special card and programmer for the subsequent process of unlocking the channels. They can be ordered online. This is not a legitimate method of decoding channels, in addition, he still has a lot of disadvantages related to configuring equipment. In the configuration of the purchased card goes manual install and with the programmer – software for flashing these cards.
Please note that breach of contract may entail some responsibility, so here you have to make all of us howl own risk. Also note the models of tuners with a built-in emulator or the ability to further install it when flashing the device.
Use alternative, and probably the most convenient method of decoding channels with sharing. This feature provides a view of the channels of several subscribers with a single card. The monthly fee in this case is equally distributed to each user. In addition, this method is legitimate, and in connection with changes in the security policies of providers of television, still the most relevant as stitched cards and emulators already thing of the past in connection with the installation of new security systems.