You will need
  • Receipt, counter, calculator, money/Bank card
Pay monthly the amount specified in your receipt. Usually, companies that supply electricity in the apartment, sent in the beginning and in the middle of the year receipts of calculated amount. With the same frequency comes corrective notice. How did the company know in advance how much you need to pay? And you and your neighbors these numbers can be completely different. It turns out that the fact that the electricity consumption for the next period is planned on the basis of the previous one. Of course, exactly to the penny to pay in this way does not, therefore, come corrective notices designed to strike a balance between the amount of kW and of the money paid.
Calculate the payment amount yourself. You can not pay no attention to the amounts mentioned in the receipts. For this you have to write off monthly to read the meter and record them in a specially designated line on the receipt. Next you need to calculate the difference between the figure for the previous month and the current. This will be the amount of electricity that you consume during the period. Then, multiply the resulting number by the rate set by supplier of electricity.
Pay the receipt in the Bank or at the post office. Visit the nearest branch and provide the operator with a receipt and money. You will then be issued a receipt confirming the payment for services for electricity.
Pay the receipt through the ATM. It is much more convenient in terms of saving time. However, you should pay attention to the way you enter information on the payment. In addition to the subscription books, being on the receipt, you will need to enter meter readings per pay period and the preceding month. In that case, if you do not expect power on their own, and prefer to pay on receipt, simply fill in both strings "0001". After the completion of the transaction will print a receipt that serves as proof of your payment.