You will need
  • To get notification of letters you can on most major mail servers and on sites where there is the possibility of communication between users. To connect this service can be yourself, just a few minutes. This will require a computer or cell phone with Internet access.
You must first establish if the server requires a special gadget or a small additional program for information about the new letters. For example, the program " Agent", which is offered to everyone upon registration mailbox on the website To do this, press the button "download".
When you install the program you need to choose left click the option "install desktop shortcut". This allows you to receive notifications of newly received electronic letters directly to your desktop in the form of a visual or auditory signal.
If your mail server or site offers to install an additional program, notice on internal emails can be configured in the tab "account settings". To do this, you should look for them in the option "receive notification about new letters to the email address". When you select this setting, the user will be sent to your e-mailbox notifications in the form of emails.