You will need
  • An account on "Yandex.Mail."
For information on the number of new or unread messages you must authenticate on the page of the service "Yandex.Mail." After entering username and password in the left of the current page you will see a symbolic house with the heading "Mail". Inside it will display information about new mail and notifications from social networks, if you receive letters.
To reset the number of unread emails you must click on the link "... new messages" and preview them all. To implement the same operation, but in favor of notifications from social media, please click on the link "I know." To opt out of displaying these notifications, you'll need to click on the tab "other settings" and uncheck the line "Special notification icons".
Not always convenient to surfer the Internet and keep track of the mailbox continuously loading the tab with the mail. In this case, it is much more convenient to use a special browser add-on "Yandex.Bar." After installation you will see a small panel that will contain the necessary buttons. It's pretty simple — when you receive new messages in Yandex.The bar displays a notification. For the transition to an electronic mailbox, just click on the image of the mail envelope.
If you don't use the browser so often to receive notifications through it, use the software "Ya-line". After installing it and connecting to the network, the software automatically checks your email and displays the number of unread messages. Go to mail by pressing small window with the notification that displays the message subject, time of receipt and other information.